My Story

 Delbar Jahanian, CMFC

"Your Financial Advisor for Life"

Delbar Jahanian is passionate about financial planning. She’ll use her skills and knowledge to craft a plan that can work for you. A roadmap that can help to balance your current expenses and clarify your financial future.
Delbar has seen the benefits that a financial plan can provide clients as well as the problems that can occur due to inadequate planning or inappropriate advice.
In fact, when hers sons were young, she setup college accounts for them based on research that she did herself. But none of the do-it-yourself books taught Delbar about the follow through you need to keep your financial plan current - to make sure that the college accounts really had enough money to pay for the child’s entire education.
She wished she’d had an advisor to tell her what to do. Keep her on track. Check on her periodically and make sure that she was accomplishing what she set out to do.
That’s why she wants to be a lifetime advisor and sounding board for her clients.
With a husband who owns and operates his own business, two college age kids, and a 95 year old mother in-law who needs her support, Delbar knows the personal and financial challenges that we all face.
If you can’t do it yourself, call someone to advise you on your important financial decisions.  
Make an appointment with Delbar Jahanian today and let her guide you to a stronger financial future.