Financial Planning Services

As a Financial Advisor I have a commitment to helping individuals, families, and business owners work to achieve their financial and personal goals.  By completing a thorough and personalized Financial Plan, I can create strategies and constantly monitor progress to help you reach your goals. 

A financial plan is a strategy designed to help you prepare for a multitude of important financial situations throughout life.  Each financial plan is customized to meet the client’s specific dreams and goals.  Each plan may address any or all of these primary-planning aspects:

Financial Position    

Provides in-depth analysis of your cash flow,budget and net worth.                                           

Risk Management

Determines insurance need for life long-term care, and disability income including analysis of employeebenefits       

Investment Planning                                                  

Portfolio consulting for specific goals as well as  overall investment and asset allocation/diversification strategies. This includes reviewing employer - sponsored assets such as 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans and stock option programs.

Retirement Planning

Guidance in understanding retirement issues including the development of suitable goals and creation of strategies to help achieve those goals.

Tax Planning

Implementing strategies to help ensure you are not overpaying on your income taxes.

Accumulation Planning

Establishes funding strategies for specific  milestones or goals such as a home purchase, car purchase, emergency fund, or vacation fund.

Education Funding                                        

Analyzes education-planning goals including K-12and post-secondary schooling as well as determining the most appropriate investment vehicle to utilize

General Estate Planning Strategies

Provides introductory advice about estate tax planning, charitable giving, and wealth transfer as a precursor to consulting your attorney.

My experience has helped me see the importance of planning.  I enjoy working under the umbrella of an organization that shares a commitment of putting the client’s needs first and a focus on comprehensive financial planning.  

Waddell & Reed does not provide legal or tax advice.  Please consult with your tax or legal advisor regarding your personal circumstances prior to making financial decisions.

Waddell & Reed offers financial planning services in its capacity as a Federally Registered Investment Adviser.  Please refer to the Waddell & Reed Financial Planning Advisory Services Brochure for a complete discussion of these services and the fees associated with them.  For more information or a copy of the brochure, please contact Saadia Ahmed. 

Insurance products are offered through insurance companies with which Waddell & Reed has sales arrangements.